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Cable Trough Covers

Easily Lifted for Access

Long Design Life

Anti-Slip Surface


Fire Resistant

Corrosion Resistant

Impact Resistant

Minimal Maintenance

Lightweight structural covers for Rail applications, Dura Composites’ GRP trough covers help ensure that rail cables are protected against theft or vandalism whilst remaining easy to access for maintenance & inspection.

Low maintenance, durable and simple to install, our composite Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) covers are the ideal alternative to heavy & cumbersome steel or concrete covers.

They are designed for maximum versatility and work with both pre-cast flat top concrete troughs as well as with pre-cast concrete troughs with a factory formed recess which enable fitting flush with the floor surface.

Open mesh and solid top versions are available using the latest GRP moulding and pultruding designs and technology to meet the needs of even the most demanding applications.

With an innovative design that can include either manual lifting eyes or mechanical lifting arms, the trench cover lids can meet the needs for straight sections, curved sections, right angles and Ts and have an excellent strength to weight ratio.

The lightweight nature of the covers mean routine inspections and repairs can be made easily, by simply removing the appropriate covers.

Moulded Dura Grating Covers

Dura Composites Moulded GRP Trench Covers are made from our Dura Grating and are typically used for areas of pedestrian traffic and are available in a range of load ratings to suit every application and budget.

Lightweight but high-strength, they dramatically reduce the cost of installation, maintenance and transport versus concrete covers. Many of our trench and trough access covers are available from stock for immediate despatch.

Pultruded Dura Grating Covers

Dura Composites’ one piece heavy duty trench covers are pultruded in one mass to produce a consistent quality and incredible strength to weight ratio. They are ideally suited to vehicular loading requirements for infrastructure installations including power, telecoms and utility projects.

The covers are easy to lift, transport and install, unlike bulky concrete trough and access covers.

Pultruded Dura Slab Pit Covers

Dura Slab is suitable for high strength applications and has been Tested to B.S. EN124. This European standard applies to duct covers and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas. In order to reach this approval a Dura Slab duct cover panel of 74mm thickness and 1280mm span was subjected to a load equivalent to two thirds of the Class B test load, 83.3kN, and then reduced to zero.

GRP structural covers are lightweight, high strength, anti-slip and easily removed for maintenance access. Dura Slab covers can easily be lifted by one, two or four man teams using standard lifting keys. Dura Slab has been engineered for use as structural covers where incredible strength to weight is important.

Driver Hop Ups

We offer a range of efficiently-designed GRP driver hop-ups which can be employed by guards, train drivers and cleaning crews for safe access to (or exit from) trains. All components are individually tested to ensure performance, and can be pre-assembled in our state-of-the-art UK Fabrication Centre, where Dura Composites is certified to ISO-9001 – the International standard for Quality Management.

Safety Handrailing

Modular System


Warm to Touch

Corrosion Resistant

The ideal low-maintenance alternative to conventional galvanised steel key-clamp handrail systems, which are not suited to electrified rail environments.

Dura Composites offer a high quality, non-conductive GRP Handrail system complete with all fittings. Dura Key Clamp Handrailing is lightweight and easy to handle and offers low installation and maintenance costs as it doesn’t require painting or galvanising.

Available in high visibility yellow (RAL 1023) or grey (RAL 7043) it can be installed quickly and easily in a variety of industrial and transport environments such as high-voltage areas, rail stations and track-side settings to provide worker or general public safety.

Despite its lightweight properties, GRP handrailing offers impressive strength-to-weight and load-bearing performance. The latest innovation in our d2 product portfolio includes pre-assembled components which dramatically speed up on-site installation times.

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