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Tested to withstand even the wettest, oiliest and harshest conditions


The load capacity is extremely high and provides excellent impact resistance


Ideal for harsh water tank environments


Reducing the risk on site

Our GRP Products are perfect for the Mining Industry with their lightweight but strong nature which is integral to withstanding the heavy loads that you come to expect around Mining sites. With excellent impact resistance and a 25 year warranty, our GRP Grating gives you peace of mind when you are looking for a strong product that will stand the test of time.

Our d2 grating has an incredible anti-slip nature even in wet or dusty conditions, that allows for optimum safety and reduces risk at the sites. The clever non-corrosive nature of the grating is perfect for water tanks around the mine sites, which is exceptionally important given the devastating previous failures due to corrosion in recent history.

Our long history in the Rail Industry allows for a quick, seamless delivery and install, in areas where you need to upgrade your Rail mining line.

Also perfect for the industry is our sturdy access structures, that provide the perfect solution to high voltage areas around mining equipment. These clever structures are non-sparking, which provides a much safer alternative to traditional materials.

If safety is your number one priority, then our innovative products are what you need.

Discover the benefits of d2 Dura Grating

Designed, developed and manufactured by Dura Composites, d2 Dura Grating offers outstanding safety, performance and durability and is more cost-effective than traditional GRP grating in almost every scenario.

It can be applied in all industries where GRP mesh grating is used today and has an industry-leading Class Bfl-s1 fire rating as standard (in accordance with BS EN 13501). As with all our grating, it can be supplied with a range of stainless steel clips, clamps and hold down fixings to suit all install scenarios.

A comprehensive range of load testing data is also available within our searchable Online Product Selector database to help you make decisions based on real data to ensure maximum safety for your project.

  • Micro Mesh: 23mm
  • Mini Mesh: 23mm, 35mm, 45mm & 55mm
  • Standard Mesh: 26mm, 38mm & 50mm
  • Solid Top (Covered): 29mm, 41mm & 53mm

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