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If you’re a designer in transport infrastructure, we can help support your design services across all phases of the project lifecycle by providing detailed technical specifications for our award-winning product range. We have an extensive library of previous projects approved and installed throughout the rail and highways network. Our industry leading solutions are made from high-strength and low weight Glass Reinforced Polymer, (also sometimes known as fibreglass, GRP or FRP) and help solve the key challenges of capacity, reliability and efficiency faced by everyday rail and transport businesses.

Key products include our composite train station platform Dura Platform, GRP flooring, handrails, trench covers and structures, as well as low maintenance GRP Ballast Retention systems, trackside walkways, pedestrian footbridges and bridge walkways. Dura Composites are also members of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA). All Dura Composites products for infrastructure and civil works offer a fantastic lifecycle cost and are suitable for a wide range of new build and refurbishment projects.

Our Composite Products are Ideally Suited to the Rail & Transport Industries